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About us

About the Citizens Foundation

We are democracy innovators

Our mission is to bring people together to debate and prioritize innovative ideas to improve their communities. Our main goal is to help citizens get their voices heard and to encourage citizens participation in governance. The Citizens Foundation was founded in the aftermath of the Iceland’s economic and trust collapse in 2008. Since then we’ve developed open source tools and methods to promote online, democratic debate and to increase citizens’ participation in their community in Iceland and worldwide. We help governments setup locally owned and operated digital democratic infrastructure.

Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Oregon, USA, and Reykjavik, Iceland, since 2008. We were awarded for our efforts with Better Reykjavik in 2011, winning the European award in the e-Democracy Awards as well as several local awards in 2011 and 2012. In 2015 a forum of the mayors of the Nordic capitals awarded our Better Neighborhoods project in Reykjavík the Nordic Best Practice 2015 award. In 2016 Better Reykjavik was selected on the NT100 list of key social innovations.

Build up trust in your community with idea generation, policy crowdsourcing and debate.

Budget voting and civic education with Open Active Voting

Empower citizens with Artificial Intelligence with Active Citizen