Seasons Greetings 2014

A very merry seasons greetings to all
from us at the Citizens Foundation in Iceland!

Highlights from 2014

  • In 2014 we presented and participated with good people in many countries at conferences, meetings, workshops, crowd-sourcing budgets processes, collaborators, partners in democratic innovation and more. Thank you all!
  • We released a new 3D add-on to Your Priorities that uses virtual worlds and irc chat to connect people better together online –
  • We continued to make Your Priorities more user-friendly on any platform you want to use, this is our favorite never-ending process :) – We launched a preview of the new version to be released in 2015 –
  • We partnered with the Icelandic municipalities Hafnarfjörður and Hvalfjarðarsveit in using citizens participation to make the community better –

All our code is open source: