• 10-15 top priorities are being processed by Reykjavik City Council and voted upon every month
  • Over 70,000 people have participated out of a population of 120 000 since the site opened
  • 16,000 registered users have submitted over 5,800 ideas and 12,000 points for and against
  • Over 1000 ideas have been formally reviewed, and hundreds accepted since 2011
  • Participatory budgeting since 2011 with over 18m EUR allocated directly by citizens

Better Reykjavik is the most successful example of the use of Your Priorities platform. It enables citizens to voice, debate and prioritize ideas to improve their city, creating open discourse between community members and city council and also giving the voters a direct influence on decision making.

The start

The website was launched in 2010, a week before the municipal elections in Reykjavik, and became a major success. All parties received their own space on the website to crowdsource ideas for their campaigns but just the Best Party used it extensively in their campaign.

After they won 6 of the 15 seats of Reykjavik City Council and Jón Gnarr became mayor of the capital of Iceland, he called on Reykjavik citizens to use the Better Reykjavík online platform also during the coalition talks that happened after the election.

In a month time (before and after the elections), 40% of Reykjavik’s voters used the platform and almost 2 000 priorities were created. This success led to an open collaboration between Reykjavik City Council and the Citizens Foundation.

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