Better Neighbourhoods leiksvaedi_landakotstun_2

  • Tens of thousands of people have participated
  • Over one thousand ideas from citizens
  • 420 ideas have been approved by citizens from 2012 – 2015
  • Bigger projects get approved every year
  • All  neighbourhoods of Reykjavik have been improved

Better Neighbourhoods is participatory budgeting in Reykjavik.

300 million ISK (1.9 million EUR) is allocated for ideas from citizens on how to improve 10 different  neighbourhoods in the capital city of Iceland each year.

Citizens submit their ideas for projects they think will improve their neighbourhoods and City of Reykjavik evaluates costs and feasibility of each project.

Then citizens vote on the ideas. Each voter has the same budget amount as the total and has to choose which projects matter most to him. This voting interface helps citizens understand the realities of budgeting.

After the voting City of Reykjavik executes voted ideas. Some ideas are realized in a few weeks but other ideas take over a year. And citizens use the results from benches to footpaths, dog parks, better lighting, playgrounds etc.

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There’s more information, including statistics and screenshots detailing the process in our presentation on Better Neighbourhoods.