It starts with you. You have an idea. Or two.

Getting your ideas to be heard can be difficult. By using Your Priorities your ideas can change your community.

You can use Your Priorities to:

  •  Start your own e-democracy group and invite other members of your community
  • Participate in your community or group, present Your Priorities and be active yourself to keep interest up
  • Submit, debate and vote
    • Good ideas with extensive support can easily improve your community
    • Vote ideas up or down to prioritize them with others
    • Find the best Whys and Hows for and against ideas and strengthen the ideas by debate
  • Find the best ideas to better your community

Your Priorities give all citizens voice and influence. It provides a website for all countries in the world, free of charge. Groups, organizations, cities, or countries can also use this service to make a difference in their communities. It is already used by people and countries all over the world (Iceland, Estonia, Bulgaria, UK, Australia and USA.)

Have you set your priorities for your country, city, group or community? Start improving your community now, it is easy.

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