Your Idea Our Priority

“Your Idea – Our Priority” crowdfunding campaign launched

We have launched our first e-democracy crowdfunding campaign on website to support the development of open source electronic democracy in Serbia. The democratic innovation “Your Idea – Our Priority” was created in cooperation with the Local Democracy Centre LDA, in Knjazevac, Serbia. It aims to improve communication and consultation between different sections of local […]
conference “Participation of Young Citizens in New Era”, Istanbul

International conference “Participation of Young Citizens in New Era”, Istanbul

On 28th of March we received an invitation from Devin Bahçeci, representative of the Istanbul Bilgi University NGO Training and Research Center, to participate in the international conference “Participation of Young Citizens in New Era” from 9th to 11th of May, 2014. The conference was organized as the final event of the project „Network: Youth […]
True Stories – EVE Online

EVE Online True Stories Project was a great success

Over 100.000 people have visited the True Stories website, approximately 10.000 people have either submitted a story, commented or voted and 767 stories were submitted by EvE Online. CCP took the topmost stories and presented them to the writer of True Stories,Daniel Way. After the discussion the Band of Brothers story was chosen. Now the […]
Citizens Foundation projects

Citizens Foundation main projects

One of our main measures of success is participation, without participation there is no democracy. Following here is a short recap of our participation highlights as well as other worthy mentions. Since we started in 2008 we have had over 500.000 unique visitors to our e-democracy websites, over 250.000 visits were in 2013. Better Reykjavik, […]
Level up logo with Cf logo featured

Citizens Foundation participated in Level Up conference in Tunisia

The Level Up conference took place from 21st  to 23rd of March, 2014, at Hotel Riu Palace Oceana Hammamet and the Citizens Foundation was among the variety of experienced international speakers. Level up is an educational networking event tailor made for Tunisian CSOs and socially active individuals to teach and inform them about latest methods […]
NHS UK is using Your Priorities to engage with citizens

NHS uses Your Priorities to engage with citizens

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is using Your Priorities to help people identify and discuss the issues that the NHS should be talking about. Ideas that generate the most discussion and support or which have the biggest national significance will be brought to the Assembly meeting for further discussion with the NHS Board. There are 3 […]

Citizens Foundation at SEECOM conference

               From 27th to 29th of September, 2013, Robert Bjarnason and Gunnar Grímsson, as representatives of the Citizens Foundation, participated in the 2nd South Eastern European Government Communication Conference (SEECOM) which took place in Budva, Montenegro. The SEECOM is basically a collective effort of government communicators from nine countries […]
Robert-Bjarnason-i-Gunnar-Grimsson- Ctitzens Foundation at Point

Online Citizens Participation in Iceland and Worldwide, POINT conference

         This year at the POINT conference (Political Accountability and New Technologies) there were also speakers from the Citizens Foundation, Iceland, giving a presentation “Online Citizens Participation in Iceland and Worldwide.” The conference took place from 23rd to 26th of May, 2013, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the presentation, Robert Bjarnason […]
True Stories – EVE Online

CCP Games collect True Stories with Your Priorities

Your Priorities can be used in many different ways. EVE Online is a virtual life for its participants and they create their own world. CCP Games wanted to find the best stories from the first decade of the EVE Universe directly from the players themselves to use in spin-off products such as comic books, TV […]
Better Reykjavík logo

Better Reykjavík wins two more awards

Citizens Foundation has been awarded prizes for “Most original website” and the “Most interesting website” the latter of which was voted on online by all the members of the Icelandic Association of web industry. More (in Icelandic) at: SVEF website